A life advice about giving & seeking life advice

When it comes to life advice, who should you listen to in life? There are plenty of options that you’ll hear from people. Some will say that listening to your parents & elders is the best choice because they only think the right thing for you. Some will recommend some good motivational speeches from popular speakers. Many people will recommend self-help books and many will say follow the advice of successful people.

But here’s the catch. Nobody can tell you everything. The matter of following life advice is subjective. One can only share their experiences with you but one’s advice can’t simply solve all your doubts & problems. Yes, people’s advice can always help you but that is only possible up to an extent.

Do you think that people who are successful in their lives have figured out everything about life? So many people have this perception that people who have seen all sorts of success have figured out their whole life. I don’t just oppose this point of view but I also believe that a person can’t figure out everything in life.

Who can give you the right life advice?

Let’s see it more clearly. Bill Gates can give you the perfect advice on how to be the best in the business. He has dominated the world’s computer market for decades. But do you think he is the right person to seek relationship advice from? Not. He got divorced after 27 years of being married.

Let’s see another example. Mark Zuckerberg can give you the right advice on how to kill competition. He has bought almost all of the other social media platforms that he saw as competition for Facebook. But do you think Mark is the right guy to ask about ethical ways of doing business? Not at all. He has faced a fine of 1 billion dollars for using people’s private data without their knowledge. Also, Facebook wasn’t originally his idea but he just turned out to be more opportunistic than the other guys involved in the Harvard Connection plan.

With these explanations, I am nowhere trying to degrade the image of the legends we just discussed. I’m just trying to make a point that people can be the best in what they do but nobody can be the best at everything. The guys we just talked about have plenty of ideas on how to start a business and earn billions from it. But that doesn’t make them someone who knows it all.

My point behind saying all these things is that before seeking advice, always know the problem that you are into. Sometimes, the solution is hidden inside the problem itself but it is just the matter of analysing it properly. The better you figure out the specifics of your problems, the more the possibility that you’ll seek advice from the right person or source

Different experts for different life advice

I’ve read so many books from different authors and every time I read a book I always had a problem that I was seeking a solution for. When it comes to life’s discipline and routine I don’t find anybody better than Robin Sharma. The way he writes and talks about the values & effects of working on developing a good routine just helps me to get my act together. He is one of the prominent sources of motivation.

Similarly when I feel that I’m dealing with issues that are related to my past friendships & relations with people. Then Mark Manson has proven to be the best for me when it comes to giving advice on letting things go and not giving a damn about it.

I run a digital magazine and I think nobody knows how to grow a digital business using social media better tab Garyvee. Whenever I find myself stuck in terms of creating content for my magazine. Or, finding it hard to keep me motivated to create content every day even when I don’t get a single response from anyone. Then those are the times when I turn to him. His ideas of doing things patiently without having an urge for validation is just incredible.

I’m telling you all this because I believe in the concept that you can be a follower of a person but you can still disagree with them. Take their advice when it sounds valuable to you but don’t create a perception in your mind that whatever they say is effective for you. Follow the intellectuals but always know when to listen to whom.

Never listen to leaders just to follow what they say, but listen to them to learn from what they share with you. The best way to improve your life is to listen to all the good suggestions that you get from achievers but always implement things in your way. That’s where the concept of copying and being inspired comes in the game.

It is great to be inspired by someone’s idea but it is never good enough to copy someone as it is. You are unique and no matter how common you think your problems are, they’ll always be solved in your way. Even the most generalized of the problems tend to differ in terms of their impact from person to person.

The analysis before looking out for life advice

So, before jumping to seek solutions for your problems always analyse them first. Before listening to anybody’s opinion, always ask yourself first what your point of view is about the issue that you are dealing with.

Listening to anyone giving you life advice is helpful in a lot of cases but rechecking the credibility of the person giving you advice is crucial. You won’t ever allow a salesman to teach you how to sell while he hasn’t ever sold a pen to anyone. So, always keep this clear in mind that we all need guides in life. But, just every subject has its teacher at school. You need to have the subject of your problem defined clearly every time before you seek a solution for it & your guide in that matter should always be chosen wisely & accordingly.

Remember, this goes the other way around too. That means just like you can’t get the right solution to your problem from the wrong expert. You can’t give the right solution to someone while you are the wrong expert. There will be times when your friends & loved ones might ask for your help in their matters. Possibilities are good that you might be able to understand what they are going through and you’ll have their best interest in your heart. But unless their problems seem relatable to you or you might have been through something like that before. Don’t rush to offer them a solution.

You can always listen, support & suggest the right track to them. But unless you aren’t someone who knows about it in-depth, never push them on a track that might lead them to something worse.

Key Takeaway

That was all about the right approach when looking for life advice. Also the right approach of giving life advice to people. Remember, one can always be an expert on one or multiple things but that doesn’t make it necessary that they have their whole life figured out.

Problems are integral parts of our lives and everyone regardless of who they are and how successful they’ve become is fighting their own battles. It’s best to never consider anyone as a “Know it all” guy. Also, it’s best to never think of yourself as a “Know it all” guy. Because the only people who have most of their life got sorted out are the ones who are driven by their will to keep learning in life.

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A Professor of Computer Science Engineering, Author-Lockdown Discovery and a professional blogger. I write and share experiences to inspire people

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Rahul Haripriya

Rahul Haripriya

A Professor of Computer Science Engineering, Author-Lockdown Discovery and a professional blogger. I write and share experiences to inspire people

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