Three things that you can do to turn tables in your favor in the next 90 days

Rahul Haripriya
7 min readJul 15, 2022


If I talk about myself in the most honest way then I’ll have to admit that I haven’t utilized my full potential so far this year. But here is one thing that I’ve realized and it’s that the year is still far from over and I’m not late even if I wake up today.

So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and that’s why I’m writing this article which might help you as well to follow a few things that I suggest here which have the power to change things upside down.

Every day I wake up and I tell myself that today is going to be better than the previous day but let’s be practical and admit that it’s not always possible. No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just can’t make the current day better than the last one. But does that mean it’s a bad thing? Nope, of course not. As long as you are willing to tell yourself that you are human and you are never supposed to be perfect, you unlock more possibilities for yourself.

Because as soon as you accept that not every day is going to be the same as you want it to be, you accept that there will be uncertainties and there are going to be things that you might not like but ultimately you’ll make peace with it.

But, in between those uncertainties and challenges, we can still always try to be at our best possible attitude towards the day in order to save it and make things possible in our favor. No matter how tough it gets, we always have the scope of doing a few things that might actually help us to tell ourselves that we did well during our accountability time before we go to sleep every night.

I’m here to share a few behavioral traits with you that could bring such changes so let’s have a look at those traits that if we add to our daily life we are going to emerge much better and more astonishing than we ever were.

1. Be your own coach

Why? Because nobody else bothers about your progress. If you don’t do it for yourself then nobody else will.

Your coach is your biggest supporter as well as your biggest critic. Here is the best advice that you’ll get today you can always be your own coach and your best friend. Just as you know yourself in the most honest manner, you know what you are capable of and what not. What are you supposed to do and what are you supposed to avoid.

You know every bit of it so just imagine if I gave you a student that you know as well as you know yourself then how amazingly you can shape their lives. So that’s how you need to treat yourself as well.

Monitor your progress and failures. But, remember that you are not only here to criticize yourself. You are your own coach who knows appreciation is as important as criticism to shape one’s life. So, with every experience, you gain every day you need to be accountable for the progress & mistakes you’ve made and then design a plan for your upcoming days.

A coach cares about everything. From your training to your diet to your mood. A coach always tries to make you better because his own victory depends on you. So act like that. Wake up every day and assure yourself that no matter how hard it gets and how lonely you feel, you are going to be your biggest support system and you are going to stand by yourself. You are going to appreciate every little progress and you are going to criticize yourself in a constructive way such that it would contain less self-negative talks and more useful improvement suggestions.

Take matters into your own hands and train yourself for victory. Balance the appreciation and criticism so that it doesn’t get too easy on you when you celebrate and too hard on you when you criticize. Balance is the key.

2. Keeping a flexible approach toward daily goals

It’s a fact that the highest time duration for which you can give your undivided attention to something is maximum up to 30–40 minutes or even less. Our brain has the tendency to get distracted or start thinking about other stuff after a certain time no matter how consistently you are trying to focus on the thing going on at that point in time.

Suppose you are trying to study, it’s just a matter of time before you are enjoying it and in a few moments, your brain starts thinking about how things are going in the web series you are watching or an Instagram notification pops up. Boom! There you go now all the attention you diverted.

So here you need to add a flexible approach to your work or studies. If there is anything this work from home or study from home culture has taught us is flexibility between personal and professional work.

If you know there are some topics that you need to finish for your studies then instead of thinking that you need a sitting of 5 hours to finish it, tell yourself that you have 12 working hours in a day and out of which I need to find any 5 of those hours to finish my studies properly. No matter if it’s two straight sittings of 2.5 hours each or 6 divided sittings of 30 minutes each. The point is that you need to finish what you’ve planned either one way or another.

It’s up to you what style suits you more. As long as you are finishing things with quality and matching your targets, nobody is going to ask if you did it from your bed finding time in between your social media and Netflix or if you dedicatedly finished it at a go. If you didn’t compromise with the required standards then there is no issue at all.

It takes weeks and months of practice to get yourself into a routine that is flexible and self-monitored. Self-monitoring sounds easy when you plan things out initially but as soon as all the distractions step into the game it starts getting dirty. Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, and other things which are so much fun to use also have the tendency to keep you stuck to them longer than you’d ever imagine.

So, as soon as you plan your day out and decide how much work you need to finish in a given time you underestimate the intensity of the distractions in your day. Again, balance is the key. Use your entertainment sources wisely and never let them overtake your more essential things of the day that you need to be done with. Prioritize your work over your sources of entertainment and be responsible for your time.

Flexibility allows you to watch an episode of your favorite show or scroll Instagram for a while in between your work/study sessions which is certainly a type of reward you give to yourself for completing some part of the work first. It will help you to be more consistent because you are not making the work look like a burden here, you are treating your work as something which is part of your day and that has to be taken care of.

Use fitness as your therapy

Let me share a world-recognized fact that physical fitness is the ultimate key to a better life. When you find a little time for your fitness then you actually allow yourself to grow in every aspect.

It’s proven that being more fit leads to more confidence in life. Also, the better your body looks the better you feel & the better you feel the better your chances of being mentally fit and happy as well.

It’s something which I’ve witnessed myself that since I’ve stepped into fitness I’ve started feeling more confident and better about myself. Every day when I see an improved body getting closer to my overall fitness goals I feel better and that ultimately leads to my overall mood upliftment and helps me to perform better in other aspects of my life.

Working out and eating right can solve plenty of your personal life issues like laziness, being in a bad mood all the time, low confidence, and much more. Also, it doesn’t mean that you need to be on a strictly restricted diet and extreme exercise. It can just be a normal self-care routine where you work out to stay in a good shape and eat the right things so that your body doesn’t run out of the required nutrients that help it to grow and glow.

Key Takeaway

What you’ve read so far isn’t something that you didn’t know. But it’s just framed in a way to tell you that it’s not that difficult to be a better version of yourself if you are willing to make a few updates to your lifestyle.

None of these suggestions are too demanding. They are just some various approaches to help you get more enhanced behavior, confidence, and productivity which will at least lead you to be better than who you are today.

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